Morph – Anatomy of a Shape Shifter

How often have you come across a painting which can transform itself into different shapes while still being a cohesive picture? Well, “Morph” goes light-years beyond moving panels of a triptych around to create interest. It is literally a phenomenon.

This three-panel painting can be hung in 50 different configurations, in essence creating 50 unique paintings. Of course, it doesn’t end there……… Having extensively worked with the pieces, it dawned on me that every configuration could also be flipped 180 degrees, and still look fabulous,  therefore essentially creating 100 stunning pictures. The focal point of each is uniquely different, depending on how it is paired with its neighbours.  So, the bottom line is – I have created a painting that can fit any size wall and can be re-arranged to suit any buyer’s taste and esthetic.  A different week/a different painting can literally go on for almost two years, although the walls might need to have a few holes patched!

The shapes created  range from somewhat rectangular to quite stretched out, horizontally or vertically.

Below, I am providing a few sample pictures to give you an idea as to the range of possible sizes.


This painting measures 55″ x 44″


While this version measures 33″ x 99″


A rather unusual shape for a painting this measures 44″ x 66″


The widest the painting can become is 22″ x 121″

Of course with 50 variations on the theme, there are many size combinations which have not been mentioned. The above are just some of the dimensions possible.

With all these variations to consider, it was obviously necessary to attach custom-designed hangers to all 4 sides of each panel. Furthermore, to assist a future buyer, a booklet with 50 hanging instructions (including pictures of what the painting will look like, and screw placement) will be provided. I am also providing a template for each piece, to assist in the hanging process.  I pretty much guarantee that “Morph” is totally unique in that it comes with its own installation manual, but then again, this painting is pretty “unbelievable” in so many ways…………