Unbelievable 2

Interactive Wall Art

I thought I could not design another painting like “Morph” in terms of moving pieces around to get so many configurations/paintings – but then along came the idea for “Ling Jiao”.

First of all, Ling Jiao is Cantonese for “Water Caltrop”. It is a floating plant with long roots and has the most amazing shaped seed pods/nuts. Similar to a water chestnut (but a different family of plant) the nuts are harvested in the Fall and cooked and the inside, white fleshy part is eaten. Not much flavour and resembling a potato in texture, its claim to fame is definitely its little devil shaped pod with the big horns.

So big horns it was, and an idea for a painting was born. The roots of the plant are depicted as the white, iridescent silvery lines shown on the long pieces, while the nut is represented as the highly textured, bright, middle piece.

The painting can be hung in 50 different configurations (as well as the wings flipped vertically 180 degrees to form yet another 50 combinations) and sizes vary quite a bit from one configuration to the next.

There are 13 sizes of combinations to fit any wall size. The most compact shape is 40″ x 60″ while very wide and slim would be 20″ x 120″. The tallest combination is 60″ high.

30″ x 120″


50″ x 60″


30″ x 80″


60″ x 40″