About the Artist

I have had a fascination with texture and flowing shapes ever since I can remember. Organic inspired  linear definition, fluid movement and strong colours tend to motivate me to sketch ideas, some of which become paintings. I know that my years as a pilot have also had an influence on my work. Using a little imagination, the landscape below me became a beautiful abstraction of a living, moving and ever changing canvas. Undulating lines and textures became a favourite and permanent aspect of all of my work.

Living on three continents and travelling widely, especially within Asia, has also had shaped my work. Now, experimenting with background shapes and sizes, I feel I have moved beyond perceived normal limitations. Since I am not easily intimidated by convention, I am happily forging ahead into unknown territory, focussing on experimentation as it pertains to stretching and crossing artistic boundaries.

Photo of the artist

Christa Gallant

My painting career has been an evolutionary journey which has taken me from using acrylic paint on paper to working with highly textured acrylic media on stretched canvas. Ultimately, realizing that rectangular shapes in predetermined sizes limited my scope and ability to explore artistic concepts my way, I started to design my own alternative.  So now I create my own background, and therefore have the freedom to explore size and shape without restrictions. My latest interest is in manipulating sectional canvases to create various pictures from different arrangements – not your average diptych or triptych, but multiple pieces which can be arranged in many different ways, each combination producing a unique, cohesive picture.  I am currently working on a project consisting of three pieces which can hang in 50 unique configurations – you could even turn them  upside down and therefore create 100 different looks. Quite the design challenge!

My work has been exhibited in galleries and at art shows in Southern Ontario (Canada) and is also being listed on several on-line galleries. I have sold nationally as well as to the U.S.  and have had artwork featured on TV, in local publications, on stage, and at a movie gala event.